Chelsea Hudson Photography

Project Overview

Chelsea Hudson captures timeless photographs that represent and document momentous occasions, memorable milestones and everyday “life” moments. I worked with her to create a cohesive visual identity for her photography business.

Chelsea wanted something simple and fresh, with a cultural flair. I create a unique type treatment for her logo, and added an ornament for some additional “flair.” The modern color palette we chose matches the style and color of Chelsea’s image processing.

The four additional patterns are for use on her website and as overlays for her images. Check out her business card, letterhead, price sheet, mailing label and pattern sets below.

Chelsea Hudson Photography logo

Final Images

Chelsea Hudson Photography logo and stationery
Chelsea Hudson Photography pricesheets and labels
Chelsea Hudson Photography patterns

Client Feedback

Working with Elisabeth has been the best choice I have made for my business in a long time. Elisabeth listened to me muddle through my ill-defined ideas and vision for my brand, and asked directed questions that helped flesh out my style in a more definitive way. After taking the time to look through my work, she was able to create a concept that exceeded my expectations and clearly communicated my style—something I was beginning to feel was impossible.

It takes an extremely creative, talented and intuitive designer to help you figure out your own style and then produce a branding concept that is more accurate than even your own hopes or expectations. I love seeing a cohesive design throughout my website, business documents and marketing materials.

—Chelsea Hudson, Photographer and Owner of Chelsea Hudson Photography