Chelsea Hudson Photography

Chelsea Hud­son cap­tures time­less pho­tographs that rep­re­sent and doc­u­ment momen­tous occa­sions, mem­o­rable mile­stones and every­day “life” moments. I worked with her to cre­ate a cohe­sive visu­al iden­ti­ty for her pho­tog­ra­phy business.

Chelsea want­ed some­thing sim­ple and fresh, with a cul­tur­al flair. I cre­ate a unique type treat­ment for her logo, and added an orna­ment for some addi­tion­al “flair.” The mod­ern col­or palette we chose match­es the style and col­or of Chelsea’s image processing.

The four addi­tion­al pat­terns are for use on her web­site and as over­lays for her images. 

Check out her busi­ness card, let­ter­head, price sheet, mail­ing label and pat­tern sets below.

Chelsea Hudson Photography logo and stationery
Chelsea Hudson Photography pricesheets and labels
Chelsea Hudson Photography patterns