Collegeville Institute

I worked with the Collegeville Insti­tute at Saint John’s Uni­ver­si­ty to cre­ate a new visu­al iden­ti­ty, sta­tionery sys­tem, and web­site that bet­ter com­mu­ni­cat­ed their mod­ern relevance. 

The new logo uses col­or, iconog­ra­phy and a renewed empha­sis on typog­ra­phy. The icon that accom­pa­nies the logo and forms the let­ters “C‑I” is based on the elon­gat­ed hexa­gon shape fea­tured in the wood­en chapel doors at the institute.

I updat­ed the web­site to a mod­ern, respon­sive design using Word­Press. I also cre­at­ed a sta­tionery sys­tem, sig­nage, social media guides and tem­plates, and oth­er print materials.

Collegeville Institute Stationery
Collegeville Institute website and print materials design