Here + There

Exploring the Space Between Two Places through Photo Montage

In January 2021, I started a personal project called Here + There. For this project, I used composite photography to explore themes of identity and place in my own life. Each composite photo combined images from at least two places that I had lived. My initial focus was on scenes from Southeast Asia and Virginia (my two most recent places of residence). I posted these images to my Instagram account, @ekvernen, using the #herethereimage hashtag. 

As I continued experimenting with these images, I decided that it might be interesting to expand this idea into a workshop for local students from refugee or immigrant backgrounds. The three workshops below are the result of these further explorations.

Siem Reap, Cambodia; Lyndhurst, Virginia
Halong Bay, Vietnam; Blue Ridge Parkway & Harrisonburg, Virginia
Hanoi, Vietnam; Chimney Rocks, Virginia
Hanoi, Vietnam; Harrisonburg, Virginia